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Datrix World LLC  - the New Paradigm in Online Intelligence


When you ask, “Where in the world will I find that information?” or…


“How in the world will I have the time to look for that information?”…


When success in your world depends on superior intelligence and time is short…

Depend on Datrix World.


The Internet provides access to a wealth of information that helps answer any question, address any issue and solve any problem. Having the right information at the right time saves you time, makes you money and gets you what you want. However, getting there can be challenging and time consuming. Your online search for the right information is cluttered with advertising and irrelevant results pushed at you by search engine optimization. Searching within individual websites produces better results, but chews up time as the sites have to be found. Once there, nearly forty percent don’t have a search function and, if they do, the search “box” is often hard to find and all seem to operate differently.

Datrix World solves those problems and makes you an authority on whatever topic you choose. Preprogrammed with the websites and search terms most relevant to your need, the Datrix World service operates on your computer and via your Internet. Datrix World searches inside websites – even those without search functions - giving you access to information not normally available on the web. Datrix World’s patent pending technology is used to build online data search matrices that save you time, searching for up to seven terms simultaneously. You now have the time and ability to explore the full range of a topic, rather than only a fraction. A few icon clicks gives you access to hundreds of millions of articles, documents, reports, blogs, images and videos important to you with no search engine optimized results and few ads. If your Datrix World service doesn’t include a website or a term you desire, you can easily create your own custom searches.

 Datrix World service works like your brain thinks Imagine what we can do for you.





Data Matrix - a device which holds multiple layers of data or information, in multiple configurations.

Datrix - v.  To process information using the Datrix system....coordinated, multiple searches, permitting contacts, searching and analysis.  "To Datrix...",  "I just Datrixed...."


REV January 10, 2010