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Datrix World Energy - Electricity

 It works like your brain thinks!

 Searches where answers likely are - Only Industry relevant websites and terms

 Accesses multiple resources - About 2,000 preprogrammed websites

 Considers ideas simultaneously - 8 Search Matrices; each with 7 terms

 Evaluates likely options - 7 simultaneous search results presented

 Quickly identifies and explores best solution - Multiple results and iterations in seconds 

How It Works - How we make it happen...


  1. Use the Module Launcher to select one of six website collections relevant to the Electricity Industry


  1. Select a preprogrammed Search Term Matrix on the CS Search Matrix Page


  1. Select a preprogrammed Website Collection


  1. Click a website icon to Initiate a Search and simultaneously produce seven result pages from the website

          ·         A Graphics Frame identifies your selected site

          ·         Special Functions expand your use of the service

          ·         Navigate throughout your results and the Electricity Service

          ·         Rely on Datrix World Energy’s Training and Support


REV January 9, 2010