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Datrix World Energy - Electricity


Special Functions

The Datrix World Energy Electricity service incorporates many special functions to facilitate the production and use of online industry intelligence in a variety of ways.


Searching Other Websites – A search may be conducted within any website, not just the preprogrammed websites, by entering the website address without the http://www. in the search box on the CS Search Matrix navigation bar, selecting the matrix of terms to be searched and clicking the “GO” button to the right of the address box. Searches can be made within any website; even those without search functions.



Searching Other Terms – One, some or all of the preprogrammed terms in one, some or all of the eight search matrices may replaced and used in searches. To clear and replace some terms, click on the “Clear 1” through “Clear 7” buttons to the side of any term to be replaced and then enter the desired term(s). To clear and replace all terms, click on the “Clear All” button above the list of terms and then enter the desired terms. The new term(s) entered remain in place and can be used in searching preprogrammed websites or when using the website search function on the CS Search Matrix navigation bar. The preprogrammed terms are restored when the module is closed and reopened.

Types of Searches – The Datrix World Energy Electricity service offers four ways of viewing information.

 ·        Seven Terms Within One Website – Organizations do not store information using standardized industry terms. As a result, a variety of terms must often be tried to find the term that produces the search result desired. The CS Search Matrices each contain the seven highest ranked search terms (according to Google AdWords™) for the search topic. Examining the result for each term (on the Search 1 through Search 7 tabs at the top of the screen) can identify which term produces the best result or can produce a range of information on the search topic.


·        All Matrices Within One Website Similarly, the result for all 56 preprogrammed terms may be examined for one organization by repeating the search process described above for each of the eight search matrices on the CS Search Matrix page. This may identify the area in which an organization has expertise.


·        One Term Across Many Websites – When seeking organizations with expertise on a particular subject, the result of search for a specific term representing that subject may be quickly examined across many websites. This is done by selecting on the CS Search Matrix page the matrix containing the desired term, opening the Search 1 through Search 7 tab at the top of the screen in which that term’s results will appear and leaving that tab open while multiple website icons are clicked to produce results in that open page. Within seconds results appear, can be evaluated, a note made of the quality and another website search initiated.


·        Multiple Terms Across Many Websites – Similarly, when seeking organizations with expertise in a particularly area, rather than on a single topic, the approach above can be employed with all seven result pages quickly being opened to examine the results quality for the organization selected with that search process being repeated for each organization to be examined.


Refining Searches – Because Datrix World Energy Electricity service’s results appear in live web pages produced by conventional search engines, a variety of techniques may used to refine the results.


·        Specifying a Defined Term – May of the preprogrammed terms in the CS Search Matrices consist of multiple words. Because they are not contained with quotation marks (“ “) the search engines search for the specific word combination preprogrammed first, but also search individually for all words within the combination. This works well for finding results for the smart grid when an organization instead calls it the “intelligent grid”. The word “grid” will be found and the result produced. However, undesired results may also be produced. If the results produced are too numerous or broad to be of value, the search may be narrowed by adding quotation marks to the desired preprogrammed term and conducting the search again. The quotation marks will remain on the programmed term until the module is closed and reopened, restoring the original term within the quotation marks.


·        Adding a Word – A search may be narrowed by adding one or more words to the search term. For example, a Smart Grid search may be narrowed by adding “2009” or “September + 2000” to the term in the CS Search Matrix to find only results that reference the time period specified.

 ·        Refining Within a Search Page – Adding quotation marks or adding words to refine or narrow a search may be accomplished on the CS Search Matrix page or within one of the results pages accessed via the Search 1 through Search 7 tabs at the top of page.


Searching the Internet – The Datrix World Energy Electricity service also provides for searching the Internet, not just within a specified website, for the preprogrammed terms of any search matrix or modified or new terms added. Each module contains a collection of the most popular search engines. The Research module contains an extended collection of 75 search engines. Results of a specific type, such a News, Images, Video and Blogs can be found by selecting the appropriate search engine.


Saving and Sending Results – As with any live web page, all “right click” mouse functions are available when working within a search result page. Results may be printed and selected and copied. Once copied the results may be sent to a collaborator by use of the EMAIL tab at the top of the screen or dropped into a Word document for further manipulation or storage.


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