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Datrix World Energy - Electricity

Search Term Matrices


Eight search term matrices are accessed by selecting the CS Search Matrix tab at the top of a module’s screen. The eight matrices cover the following topics; Smart Grid, Distributed Generation, Wind and Solar, Carbon Management, Demand-side Management, Alternative Energy, Sustainable Energy and Electric Vehicles/Batteries. The seven most highly relevant search terms for each search suite, determined by use of Google AdWordsTM, are preprogrammed into each matrix. When a website icon is clicked and a search initiated, the search result for the first term appears on the page of the Search 1 tab at the top of the screen with the second term, third term, etc. corresponding to the similarly numbered Search tabs. Users have two options In addition to using the eight preprogrammed search term matrices. The “Clear All” button may be clicked, clearing all seven preprogrammed terms and allowing entry of seven new terms. Alternatively, the “Clear1, Clear2, etc.” buttons may be clicked to clear and replace one or more of the seven preprogrammed terms. New terms remain available for use until the module is closed. The preprogrammed terms return each time the module is opened. Datrix World Energy - Electricity’s preprogrammed search matrices and terms appear below.

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