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Datrix World Energy - Electricity

Launching Modules

 The Datrix World Energy – Electricity Service consists of six modules, each containing a unique website collection; Academic, Business Government, News, Research and Utilities. Each is configured and operates identically. A module is initially opened from a central directory page called the “ENELSUITELAUNCHER”, meaning Energy – Electricity Suite Launcher. A module is launched by a click on one of the six buttons on the right of the page. An important feature of the Launcher is a Directory of all 26 website collections and the individual websites within each collection opened by clicking on the Directory/Site tab at the top of the page.

 Once working within a module, other modules may be launched by opening the CS Search Matrix page and clicking once on one of the icons to the right of “Launch Modules” on the page’s navigation bar. Placing the cursor on top of the icon illuminates a Tooltip note identifying the module that will be launched by clicking that icon. All modules may be open at the same time and work may be conducted by moving back and forth between modules.


   How It Works

  1. Module Launcher .
  1. Search Term Matrix
  1. Website Collection
  1. Initiate a Search
  2.  Graphics Frame
  3. Special Functions
  4. Navigate
  5. Training and Support


revised January 10, 2010