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Datrix World Energy - Electricity


Between Modules – Once one or more modules are open, others may be opened or accessed by use of the “Launch Modules” icons on the CS Search Matrix page navigation bar. When the cursor is placed on an icon the module name appears. Multiple modules may remain open, allowing quick movement between them.


  Between Website Collections – The tabs at the bottom of the screen allow selection of one website collection from the four or five contained within the module. When a website collection tab is selected the icons representing all websites in the collection are displayed above the website collection tabs.


  Between Results Pages – The tabs at the top of the screen allow selection of one of the search results produced or a special function page. The special function pages include the CS Search Matrix page where search terms are selected, modified or entered, the EMAIL page or the Translation page.


 Within Result Pages – When links within the results pages on the Search 1 through Search 7 tabs are accessed, the document, video, blog or image selected is produced within the web page. The navigation arrows on the far left of the CS Search Matrix page navigation bar may be used to move back or forward in page views.


   How It Works


  1. Module Launcher .
  1. Search Term Matrix
  1. Website Collection
  1. Initiate a Search
  2.  Graphics Frame
  3. Special Functions
  4. Navigate
  5. Training and Support