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Datrix World Energy - Electricity

 Initiate a Search

 Accessing industry intelligence requires four mouse clicks at the most. With the first click, the CS Search Matrix page is opened. With the second click, one of the eight search term matrices is selected. With the third click, a collection of websites is selected and with the fourth click, one of the websites in that collection initiates a search.

Search Example

 An organization on the leading edge of the “climate debate” wishes to gather the available online intelligence regarding Cap and Trade from the top public and private U.S. research universities. When searching the 30 top-ranked universities the Datrix World Energy – Electricity Service saves two hours in search organization time and produces high quality results from only the websites specified with these steps:

 First, on the CS Search Matrix page the Carbon Management matrix is selected, as “Cap and Trade” is the seventh preprogrammed search term.

Second, the collection of Private Research Universities is selected to reveal the website icons of the 48 universities in this collection.


Third, moving the cursor across the icons identifies Northwestern University as being ranked in the #1 group of U.S. private research universities and this icon is one of the 30 university websites clicked, initiating a search within only the Northwestern University website. The tab at the top of the screen identified as “Search 7” is clicked to open the results page for the Cap and Trade search. The results are presented in a live web page which can be navigated and links accessed like any web page. Results can be copied to a Word document, spreadsheet or sent via email by use of the EMAIL tab at the top of the module screen.


CAUTIONS: This is the only technology of its kind and it can be made to operate in conflict with the search engines and the Windows Operating System with which it interacts. 1) Speed/Volume – Each icon click initiates 10 separate web actions; a page of contact information, a Home Page and a translation page are retrieved and 7 separate, simultaneous searches are conducted and displayed. Also, because all functions are automated, a volume of activity can occur beyond that currently possible with other technologies. With search results completed in well under 10 seconds, more than six searches can be conducted in less a minute, producing more than sixty web page displays in that period. Most search engines monitor the volume of requests per time period and, if too many websites are searched in rapid succession, the search engine may perceive this service as a “bot” attempting to “scrape” information. In that event a screen notice may appear and search activity with the Datrix World Energy – Electricity Service may temporarily be blocked. If that occurs, wait a few minutes and resume searching. After a few uses of the service, the appropriate search pace will become obvious and it will be far faster than what can humanly be viewed and perceived. 2) Tooltip Note – Because of the service’s speed and volume of activity, Windows may fall behind in processing instructions. The only known consequence of this appears to be the periodic loss of the Tooltip Note that provides the name of a website when the cursor is held over a website icon. To regain use of the Tooltip Note simply click once anywhere on the screen and move the cursor back to the website icon.

  How It Works

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